‘Batch cooking’, the ideal method to save time in the kitchen

Do you feel lazy to cook? Well, you have to know the batch cooking method with which you will save time in the kitchen and prepare amazing dishes. In recent years it is gaining a lot of followers and ... It is not for less! Without leaving aside a good diet, this new technique will revolutionize your day to day. You have no excuse!

What is ‘Batch cooking’?

More and more people join the latest kitchen trend and more if they want to save time and have a healthy diet. It is called batch cooking and it means that in a single day you can prepare the dishes for a whole week. As simple as that! Thanks to this method you can have prepared different ingredients with which to form your most top recipes. Having more time, you will not have to use junk food and ultra-processed food, how easy life makes us but not very good in nutrients.

Batch cooking is ideal for preparing stews that do not give us time to do on a day-to-day basis. This is a perfect way to have these dishes made and stored for consumption throughout the days.

‘Batch cooking’ weekly menu

If you follow the tips and tricks that we are giving you, we are sure that you will make a weekly menu of a Michellin. What you have to be very clear is that here the most important thing is planning. By having everything measured you can use all your time and money in the preparation of the dishes.

Combine the ingredients to create amazing dishes, as if you had been preparing it all day. You will fall in love with batch cooking!

‘Batch cooking’ books

It is not a technique that you will learn from one day to another. To do it you will need practice, but we are sure that everything will be very simple later. If you need a little help, we show you some books with recipes and tricks that you will find in our Carrefour hypermarket. Fix them!

Kitchen in two hours for the whole week, by Caroline Pessin

A book specialized in this method of batch cooking is that of Caroline Pessin, Kitchen in two hours for the whole week. It is perfect if you want to be an expert in this way of cooking. In it you will find the best way to make the purchase, menu examples, recipes, etc. Surely with it you become a faithful to batch cooking!